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Telephone Recycling

Telephone Recycling and Disposal
Why you should recycle your old phone system.

We collect and recycle Avaya Phone Systems
Due to the implementation of the original WEEE Directive in the UK by the WEEE Regulations 2006 the recovery, recycling and treatment of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment became an important factor for companies wanting to dispose and recycle of old business telephone systems.

Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by householders and companies in the UK. WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery. Its now illegal for companies to send old telephone systems to landfill and all companies in the UK are being urged to source services from service providers like ourselves.

Telephone recycling involves a great deal or processing due to the nature of the handsets which unlike regular computers and televisions are made up of a high percentage of plastic products with very little valuable circuitry inside. Where objects with high metal content contain quantities of copper for example, telephones themselves contain very little recoverable metal of value.

Almost everyone in the telecommunications industry is aware that old phone systems hold little value as scrap, and handsets need to be stripped down to individual parts to  be processed effectively. Large quantities of plastic can be sold on to very specialised recycling centers but in many cases the value of the plastics are offset by the work required to strip telephones to bare boards and cables.

Systems Recycling is one of the few companies in the UK that has the ability to deal with large amounts of telephone scrap, and still be able to collect for free in many cases, due to over 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry and a wide range of contacts worldwide that can handle the processing of redundant telephone handsets and headsets.