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Technology has become an ever increasing part of our daily routine, at home and in the office. When todays technology becomes yesterdays trends and new, faster processors are released - we can help dispose of redundant I.T.

Redundant Server Disposal and Recycling

Todays modern servers generally have a 5 year lifecycle and disposing of the old technology has become an ever increasing problem for small and large enterprise.

Industry Standard Data Destruction

Using industry standard data destruction methods such as Blancco Data Erasure ensures that your companies data doesnt fall into the wrong hands.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Disposal of used phone systems and correctly recycling old technology.

A large corporation can have thousands of staff, and with that you will need to include the thousands of telephones needed to keep the company connected. If an offer comes in of a few hundred phones we usually find these more difficult to deal with, as collection costs will need to be factored in to make our recycling process viable. 

We are not a charity, nor do we recieve any government funding! So to make sure we are able to do our job (our business) correctly we need to keep our bank manager happy. We get very excited when a larger number of devices comes our way! Its a lot easier logistically, to pick up over 10000 handsets and to dispose of them ethically. Some additional kit that comes with such a large, bulk disposal can cover the costs to the customer and this is great news for you! 

Usually, on a moderately large number such as say 1000 handsets of a known brand, we can over a few pence to a few pounds per phone. Obviously this is depending on the age of the deskphone. A 1991 BT Rhapsody desk phone for example may sell at £25 pounds in good working order. However, foolishly expecting to clear 1000 phones in a short space of time at that price could take years (and usually does)

Most companies will call us with just a few handsets, laptops, computers and a server or two. We can make this work for you, not a problem. We advise that you collect large amounts of redundant technology and contact us every 3 to 6 months for bulk clearance. We can dispose of quicker at less cost to you and ourselves. 

We specialise in computer recycling and telephone recycling so we are able to dispose of a wide variety of redundant technology, circuit boards, plastics and metals that come as part of the package. This includes plastic telephone which contain very little circuitry and has no scrap value.

As part of an office clearance we are sometimes asked to recycle old cables, desks, chairs and cabinets as part of the package. We have contacts in the Greater London area who can quickly provide us with the logistics necessary for large offiec clearance and I.T. disposal and recycling projects.