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Friday, 6 March 2015

Selling used Avaya phones for refurbishment and resale.

It doesn't really matter what new technology you find in the average UK office. The staple diet of any call centre worth its salt is the good ol' Avaya phone system! One of the most rock solid reliable brands in the telecommunications industry still seems to be a firm favourite with call centres and small business start-up's.

Sleek, easy to use, easy on the eye and not the unfashionable shades of beige... The Avaya phone system is so popular that even the old handsets still hold some monetary value.

If your business has recently updated its telephone system and has a used phone system waiting to be cleared from your storage facilities then give us a call. Not only can we offer you a fair and realistic price for your used phone kit, we can often advise on the removal of even older systems such as Nortel and Meridian phone systems.

Contact Systems Recycling Ltd today to find out if your old Avaya Handsets are worth money. You will be glad you did!