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Friday, 28 November 2014

Removing a Nortel Option 51 from Twickenham Studios

Removing an Option 51 from Twickenham Studios. 
We had a great time last week working for a few hours at Twickenham Studios. We were shocked to hear that they are still filming Teletubbies after 20 years but this was offset by the shock of seeing a 7 cabinet, Nortel Option 51 phone system, which according to the main I.T. manager, still worked after more than two decades of service!

Having arrived on site we were met by the Security team who quickly found us a place to park the Van near room where the cabinets resided so all we needed to do was to get our tools in, isolate the cabinets from the mains and the battery backup before attacking the Nortel Option 51 and taking it out a cabinet at a time.

Removal of a 20 year old Nortel Option system (it has 4 cooling fans the size of dinner plates, sucking up dust and muck for 20 years) left us black with dirt and we found that of the 16 batteries, many had cracked and started to leak acid over the bottom of the cabinet. As always we worked with great caution using gloves to protect against the battery acid and face-masks to protect against the dust.

As we are experienced in the removal and disposal of old phone systems, it only took us around 5 hours to cut the cables back, unbolt the cabinets and carefully remove the batteries which still held charge. Twickenham Studios has a lot more space (around 6 square feet) and have made the room safer and disposed of potentially dangerous and toxic, leaking batteries. Find out more on our Used Phone Systems Blog.

Carl Childs, IT Manager at Twickenham Studios, commented on our service, Thanks for dealing with everything in such an efficient manner, I'll certainly keep you in mind for any future jobs and pass your details onto others