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Friday, 21 November 2014

Nortel, Nortel. Phone Recycling this Christmas.

I'm not sorry for the Nortel, Nortel (Noel, Noel) Christmas pun. Its the best we can come up with this Christmas. Still there is good tidings to be had. For every Nortel, Avaya or Cisco phone system we recycle or buy back, we will give 20p per deskphone to the Charity Young Minds. Its time to clear out that old phone system and help us spread the Christmas cheer! 

Systems Recycling Ltd has supported Young Minds for the past year. We will be doing more to highlight mental illness in the future and follow mental health organisations on our social channels.

Lots of Charities battle for your hard earned pennies over the Christmas period, why not give Young Minds a chance of a few pound this year.