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Monday, 3 November 2014

Disposal of Used Telephone Systems

Example: Top of Waste Transfer Note
The topic of used telephone systems and how to dispose of them correctly is regularly discussed by IT Managers around the UK. A used phone system can have some value depending on its condition, we can usually dispose of, or recycle, any telecoms equipment without incurring any additional costs to the end user.

Companies that are 'in the know' realise that the best way to dispose of a used phone system is to contact a professional recycling service such as ourselves so that we can quickly evaluate the equipment to see if any of the redundant technology has potential value.

Upon evaluation, we will usually ask if the equipment needs to be removed by ourselves, physically this can be quite dirty work, or if your own technical team are able to do the removal. In many cases our customers are more than capable of quantifying the number of handsets and the condition before contact us via email. Providing the equipment test out, we can usually tell you, over the phone, what the cost of the removal will be or if you are due a rebate from ourselves for equipment which more than covers the cost of collection.

Making the decision to move to a new telephone system should not be taken lightly, considering the impact a faulty telephone system can have on your business, but to be absolutely sure of a smooth transition its a good idea to contact a telecom disposal company such as ourselves to ensure that the desks are cleared and ready for the engineers.

We found that our service really makes a difference, especially in the inner city, where space is at a premium and companies do not have the facilities to dispose of the telephones themselves. We understand that not all companies will come to your premise to perform a full inventory but we can relieve you of the responsibility and save you time by taking a quick count via email.

When a telephone system is removed there is usually a surplus of headsets and curly cords, power supplies, fixtures and fittings that can cause obstructions. We provide a full removal service which includes related technology such as servers, computers and racking. Contact us for more details about this.

Used phone systems are categorised under the EU's WEEE recycling guidelines and its now illegal to dispose of telephones by simply dumping them. Many scrap merchants wont take old telephones as the amount of metal (i.e. copper and steel) is far outweighed by the amount of plastic. Plastic itself does not have a resale value and as you can guess a modern desk phone will be 90% plastic.

Once collection as been made, and all the equipment has been sorted at our handling centre, we can send you a waste transfer note which shows what telephones we have collection and that we have taken ownership of the items; This is for your records and you should put it somewhere safe.

Telephones themselves do not have any data associated with them, other than basic SIP settings stored in the phone, so you have no need to be concerned about data protection. If you do feel that data protection is a concern depending on the manufacturer of your phone systems or data stored on the SIP server then get in touch.