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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Your telephone system is due to evolve.

Mocet iPad Phone.
Not so long ago, communicating with your customers and potential clients was limited to the Great British Postal Service and the Humble Analogue Telephone. Do you remember picking up the newspaper, walking the dog, waving at the postmen and then heading home to check for missed calls on the answering machine?

No so today, with the big tech giants pushing the boundaries of technology at an increased rate which is fueled by the phenomenon of the internet. Good ole' 'Shep the dog' has died (bless), he's been replaced by one of those cutting edge, 3D printed, electronic pets and a Virtual Talking Cat on your iPad. The Answer Machine is dead, now you check your facebook page for messages from those too lazy (or too busy) to call..

With big business spreading bets on the long term strategy of worldwide connectivity, its the norm for online shopping and same day delivery. The British Public has reached a Plataea of internet acceptance which has not been dampened with the OpenSSL hack or Cryptolocker Virus. Ignorance is bliss because, despite iCloud, eBay and other large online retailers being hacked, we still fall deeper into the rabbit hole of technology.

The industry that followed Facebook in search of higher profit margins has striven to 'be liked'. Now this same industry has to tame a bigger beast, the company facebook page, and with it a baying mob of either ecstatic or unhappy customers. While the geeks in big business have been poking each other, we were commenting on business pages that some brands were not up to scratch or that services had been poor. This has firmly established the facebook for business era.

Its not quite as clear cut as that. If you sell a big brand of biscuits and want to give a few away for 'Likes' (Caffe Thins or Party Rings if you're reading Vinnie) then you're sure to get a few positive comments. However, if you're a bank, estate agent, broadband provider or a local authority then you'll be aware that a certain amount of time is spent keeping disgruntled customers from tapping a few keys and soiling your facebook page.

Its safe to say that dealing with incoming calls on your telephone system is bound to change over the next 5 years and this has yet to be fully realised by tech giants. More customers are getting a response faster (usually within an hour) by posting a complaint on facebook. There have been studies earlier this year (the exact article escapes me - try google) that posting on facebook is more productive than 3 regular phone calls at up to 40 minutes including as much grinding hold music in your headset as you can handle.

How can you guarantee your call center team is ready to deal with this persistent wave of facebooking grannies and tweeting twenty-somethings? The Mocet IP3092 picture, shown at the top, is one example of a telephone companies ingenuity and acceptance that business phone systems will at some point need to embrace personal computing. We already have Android and iPhones just to manage our weekly shopping or organise our personal calendar. Why shouldn't your business phone system do the same? 

Its entirely plausible that a great deal of this technology will be fitted into a wrist worn device or bolted onto the side of your glasses as we near 2020, graphics processors are being pushed forward by the booming computer games industry and parallel processing has been around for some 10 years. With all this processing power and increased connectivity speeds it seems likely that current business phone solutions have a lifespan of only a few years.

New technology moves on relentlessly and we envisage a large proportion of telephone waste which is great news for us because we get to play to our strengths. We can help you recycle your used phone systems when you upgrade. If your phone system isn't cutting it today, give us a call and we can deal with the removal, disposal and recycling.