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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Do we buy telephone systems for cash?

We buy telephone systems
Whats your Phone System really worth?
We can offer cash value on certain streams of telephone technology and brands depending on condition, specification, brand and quantity.

However, the common misconception that the majority of old telephone systems have value, which a lot of them don't. Scrap value of circuit boards, no larger than a standard handheld calculator, encased in half a pound of heavy duty beige plastic is not the best way to collect scrap metals for example.

Bulk recycling of telephones in any quantity may include telecoms that have some value and we will inform you of any resale value within the collection but we always explain the costs of recycling, data removal where necessary with redundant IT and collection and removal costs if appropriate.

Its also worth considering that a percentage of the telephones in question are faulty either display, buttons, jack plugs or audio response. From our experience, including known brands of telephone, known faults for particular brands, or visual condition; we can average out that 20% of all phones we collect on residual value are faulty. We will take this into consideration when quoting any prices.

As business's quickly phone around London looking for telephone recycling they quickly find that many recycling companies charge thousands to clear a lot amount of technology - or simply wont collect based on the lack of profitability. Its not unusual to speak to customers claiming to have been quoted very high prices for clearance.

Telephone Recycling London is a great new site to allow everyone access to our highly recommended telephone recycling service in the Cheshire Area. We have already seen a great response from big companies in The Capital, and you can read all our testimonials on our website. You can also find more information on our previous post.