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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bulk Telephone Disposal and Recycling

Disposal of telephone systems in bulkIf you have just upgraded to a new telephone system you will be familiar with the challenge of disposing of the old telephone system. In a lot of cases, many companies choose to stockpile redundant technology rather than deal with the problems of recycling.

Systems Recycling Ltd deal with all collections and disposals of old telephone systems, usually with free collection depending on the residual value of recyclable materials.

However, in some cases, we do charge a fee depending on the removal of telephone systems which are hazardous.  Case Studies on our website http://www.systemsrecycling.co.uk show instances where we been able to offer the very best recycling service to business, charity and educational establishments and gives examples of how we have been able to help.

To provide a better service to our customers in Greater London we have set up a website which is located at http://telephone-recycling.london (yes, that's a .London domain name) which is purely for telephone recycling London and showing that we can cover most if not all areas.