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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

We buy and recycle telephone systems.

We buy and sell used phone systems

Recycling mobile phones for business.

Used Phone System Recycling.
Having met with existing and potential clients over the early part of 2014 we decided to try and simplify the way we deal with our customers. It was difficult giving an exact price on large amounts of redundant phones without asking specifically for a break down of items and the faults associated with each item.

On one large mobile phone clearance in particular we couldnt give a high value for a particular brand of blackberry phone because we knew the brand well, and in the end it was agreed to increase the price of known reliable branded phones and downgrade the blackberry phones as totally faulty.

The problem we have found with large mobile phone clearance is that the customer / client will assume that dropping 4000 mobile phones off the business network can gain a few thousand pounds in the pocket. This is not the case, each phone is either destroyed to prevent data theft or wiped and recycled to cover wiping costs. Its worth bearing in mind when offering your mobiles up for recycling if its worth submitting for a higher price if data theft could be an issue.

A lot of phones that we acquire be them mobile, PBX, Analogue or VOIP phones, come from abroad, and its astounding how many are found to arrive with personal data still obvious on the phone. Many phones have built in SIM cards which expand the phones memory to a usable amount, and the SIM cards are largely untouched - still risking privacy issues.

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