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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Avaya Telephone Systems Wanted

Old Telephone Systems collection
Old Telephones Systems Wanted.
We are on the lookout for a large number of surplus handsets, headsets and system boards around the UK, some of which may have cash value.

Don't let your old PBX system gather dust in a storeroom somewhere, get in touch with us, let us clear that room and see if you can make some cash back in the process!

While not all telecoms kit holds cash value, some of it does, and you can give us a call on the phone number provided here on the site. We will give you a realistic cash value over the phone for free. No obligation, just contact us today for a friendly chat!

Not all telecoms companies will take your stock, many see it as too much trouble, but thanks to our contacts overseas we can see the value in items other companies wont touch. Don't waste time talking to them, come to us first!