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Trusted Technology Recycling Service

Technology has become an ever increasing part of our daily routine, at home and in the office. When todays technology becomes yesterdays trends and new, faster processors are released - we can help dispose of redundant I.T.

Redundant Server Disposal and Recycling

Todays modern servers generally have a 5 year lifecycle and disposing of the old technology has become an ever increasing problem for small and large enterprise.

Industry Standard Data Destruction

Using industry standard data destruction methods such as Blancco Data Erasure ensures that your companies data doesnt fall into the wrong hands.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

WEEE regulated IT and Telecoms removal

WEEE Office Clearance
WEEE Office Clearance

Our WEEE regulated IT and Telecoms removal and disposal means your disposing of your surplus, out of date electrical items safely.

Whatever your business or industrial sector, we have a WEEE accredited solution to their recycling to best fit your requirements. A product range designed to provide the greatest variation to meet our clients needs. A seamless link to the latest business technology.

Recycle-Tech can provide you with not only WEEE regulated IT and Telecoms removal and disposal but we can also offer the complete package of office clearance up and down the UK.

Green Aspirations

We are committed to reducing our environmental performance as part of our business and operating methods. We will encourage all our customers and suppliers to do the same. We use Refurbished IT equipment where possible, we use environmentally friendly Materials for refurbishment and any IT equipment that can't be Reused will be destroyed in accordance with WEEE regulations.

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